Discover New Trends

Discover New Trends
Trendspotting at the new level. Free
  • Detect new trends at the very beginning
  • Watch trends grow
  • Monitor and analyze media impact
  • Explore valuable keyphrases using Big Data
  • Use new trending topics before competitors
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Extract New Valuable Data from the Media Streams

We offer you an absolutely unique free On-line trend research and trend analysis service. It allows you to quickly get the essence of the media streams without spending much time filtering out tons of junk news. We use Freemium model. Some basic trend analysis features are provided for free after registration and more advanced features are available for different pricing plans.

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  • What it Is
    This is a free media analytics tool that automatically captures trending data across the web and identifies new key topics with explosive growth potential at the very beginning.
  • How it Works
    We scan the Internet, find fast-growing topics, track them and then automatically extract most rapidly rising data patterns using AI-based data processing algorithms.
  • Your Benefits
    You automatically receive data on entirely new trends without having to spend time reading media, so you are able to get ahead of any new trend before competitors do.
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Pricing Plans

Get access to the most powerful online trends searching and analysis application. Start using our free plan, no credit card is required. Free trending topics discovery! Let's go.

  • Free
    • Get basic trend reports
    • Search for keyword ideas
    to start automatic new trends extraction
  • Starter
    • Get extended trend reports
    • Monitor trends in real time
    • Access quick trend insights
    • Search for keyword ideas
    to discover exploding trends before competitors
  • Pro
    • Get advanced trend reports
    • Monitor trends in real time
    • Set alerts
    • Access quick trend insights
    • Search for keyword/keyphrase ideas
    • Use trend filters for deep data analysis
    for best online trends exploration experience

Our Booming Trends Discovery Engine Helps In

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  • Marketing
    Predict new behaviors and popular habits. Understand best marketing tactics that create viral trends. Launch new products before they go viral.
  • Media Analytics
    Save time while analyzing media streams. We automatically filter out the media noise and provide you with valuable data only.
  • Investments
    Find new products and niches, discover breakthrough innovations and technologies, find most promising startups, invest in emerging trends.
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Automatic Trends Discovery: Free Report

Explore Trends By:

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Finding Fast-Growing New Trends Can Be Useful For

This website allows you to collect important data concerning new products and opportunities, innovations and technologies, develop commercial insights, business ideas and much more.

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  • Entrepreneurs
    Great commercial insights for businesspersons. Recognition of emerging trends gives you the opportunity to develop a new commercial niche with low investment and achieve maximum ROI.
  • Investors
    New investment opportunities. Explore brand new products, detect rapidly developing technologies, breakthrough innovations, find promising startups for best investment strategies.
  • SEO experts
    Efficient keyword research. Online trends detection utility helps you to find profitable search terms & phrases, which will turn into high-volume low competition keywords very soon.
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And Even Much Broader...

It allows early recognition of emerging trends, as well as tracking of significant changes in already existing trends. Some exponential trends can be detected at an early stage even before they become visible to the majority of trendspotters.

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  • Trendspotters
    Evaluate potential impact of a new trends across industries. Provide your organization with a distinct competitive advantages.
  • Trendsetters
    Discover trendy things. It's about trendwatching, trendsetting, coolhunting, fashion, trendy stuff. Put yourself ahead of the trends.
  • Bloggers
    Find new topics of interests, turn your blog for maximum audience response and get media impact. Grow your social influence.
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